Drown Your Sorrows

If your scores are too high, at least our prices are too low!

Our dedication to being a different kind of golf course extends to our (brace yourself…) NEWLY-RENOVATED bar & grill! The layout, decor, and furniture aren’t the only things that are new, though: Our growing and evolving menu has gone from a mass of expected, boring, and unhealthy fried foods to a simple, fresh, and vibrant menu that is unique in the casual golf course grill market.

Along with our signature Prairie Burger (guaranteed to be the best burger in the Metro East!) we’re now offering things like tempura-battered chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, and a club sandwich that is quickly overtaking the Prairie Burger as our #1 best-seller.

Don’t worry, though: Along with our carefully-crafted fresh dishes we still offer everything you’ve come to expect from your favorite local golf course like hot dogs (ours are 100% beef!), bratwurst (from our friends at Johnsonville!), chips, candy, and a full line of Coca-Cola products.

If your round has you just too upset to eat, though, don’t worry: Our full bar features only top-quality beers and liquors that we can be proud of serving to our guests. Old standbys like Jack, Crown, Grey Goose, and Captain Morgan serve as warm-up acts for our superstars like Sailor Jerry rum, Ketel One vodka, Hendrick’s gin, and our personal favorite and recommendation: Bulleit bourbon.






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